Lowell Bouldering Wall

Names on this calendar tell you which staffers are on duty when. If you see a name on the calendar, the wall will be open at that time.

Due to limited space, the Wall is closed to other use during Club Climbing practice. Everyone is, however, welcome to join for Club Climbing practice; the team has been welcoming to new members at any point during the year!

For your convenience the address tinyurl.com/HarvWallCal redirects to this page.

Anyone with an HUID can climb at the Lowell Bouldering Wall. Only undergraduates, however, have swipe access to Lowell House. Non-undergraduates must check-in at the guard’s office (on your left as you enter through the main gate into Lowell House) to have their HUIDs swiped and be let into the building. Please do not knock on doors, ring door bells, or try to pull doors open. Lowell House is a residential building in which students are trying to sleep and study, and the House has very generously been a home for us for the past ten years; please be respectful.

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