Submit a Trip Report

Share your adventures with the HMC climbing community! We strongly encourage everyone associated with the HMC to post their trip reports regardless of whether you are still an active member - we want to hear what our alumni are up to!

To post a trip report, you must first  create an account. That can be accomplished be clicking on this link and completing the online form. Pay special attention to the username and nickname you choose. The nickname will be displayed with every trip report you post and the username will displayed in the url of the page listing all of your trip reports. The nickname can be easily changed at any time; the username can never be changed. Once you complete the online form you will receive a conformation email; follow the link in that email and you are all set to start posting.

Once you have registered, click on this link to post a trip report. This will take you to the "Add New Post" page in the WordPress backend. (If you are instead directed to a dashboard, just click on "Posts" > "Add New" in the left sidebar.) The easiest way to write a trip report is to use the visual editor that is automatically enabled, although mountaineers experienced with HTML may also want write directly in HTML, which can be accomplished by selecting the "text" tab next to the "visual" tab. Switching between "text" and "visual" will not result in the lose of any content: even if some content entered in HTML does not render in the visual editor it will still display once published.

In the visual editor, to add an image, click "add media" at the top left of the text editing area. By clicking on the image and then on the pencil icon that appears, you can edit the image's alignment and/or add a caption. To add headings, click on the "Toolbar Toggle" button at the right end of the toolbar above the text area. This will then display an expanded toolbar that includes a drop down menu that allows paragraphs to be formatted as standard paragraph text or as various levels of heading. (Be sure to give credit for any photos that aren't yours!)

Before you finish, please be sure to tag your post with destination (e.g. Denali, Thin Air, Cascades, etc.), type of climbing (e.g. "alpine", "trad", etc.), or whatever else you want. Click the "choose from the most used tags" to see the most commonly used tags for ideas. Add a trip start and end date (in the fields below the text area) to allow sorting of trips by date. For one day trips, use the trip start date field for the trip date and leave the trip end date field blank. Finally, set a featured image (using the link at the bottom of the right sidebar) that will be displayed above the trip report title when the report is listed in post loops.

To submit a finished trip report click the big blue "Submit for Review" bottom. A website administrator will then review you trip report (to make sure it's actually a trip report and not a Black Diamond advertisement) and post your trip report to the website within the next few days. If you want to add additional authors to your trip report (i.e. to list everyone who helped write it or who went on the trip), this can be done by a website administrator. Just note the additional authors at the start of the trip report and we will add the other authors and then remove this text from the trip report. You can also save your trip report to come back and work on it later (find it again by going to "Posts" > "All Posts") and edit a trip report after submitting it

That's all you need to know, so go have some adventures and then come back here to tell us about them!