Our fearless leader, Rory Brown. When he isn’t climbing, he is probably running a marathon.


Vladislav Sevostianov (Vlad). Despite his inability to code somehow got this site running. Likes adventure and climbing big mountains.


Joey Baldwin, a lead ice climber.

Cabin Liaison

Brianna Breswick: someone who chooses to hike the PCT not once, but twice, just for the fun of it.

Wall Liaison

Eli Frydman. The best rock climber.

Editor in Chief and Librarian

Mina Mitreva. Passionate alpinist with a love of the world’s highest peaks.

co-Gear Tsar

Olenka Jain: She will get your gear needs sorted out.

co-Gear Tsar

Kayla Hollingsworth: She will get your gear needs sorted out.