Grants & Contests

Summer Grants 2015Summer Grant

The Summer Grant is perhaps the most valuable resource the club has added to its roster in recent times, encouraging and enabling members to dream big and pursue their passions to the fullest.

Every year $2-3,000 of funding is awarded upfront towards a Summer Trip. Past objectives have included the North Cascades (2014, 2008), the Bugaboos (2013), Denali (2012), the Wind River Range (2012, 2009), the Selkirks (2011) Mount Adams (2010), and first ascents in Kyrgyzstan (2005). Trip proposals are submitted by all and any members of the Harvard Mountaineering Club and decided upon by a committee of past presidents. The deadline for submitting trip proposals for the summer of 2015 will be December 24th, 2014.

For details on the 2015 proposal requirements please reference: HMC Summer Grant 2015. For examples of past trip proposals please reference: Past Summer Trip Proposals.

Winter and Spring Break Trip 

Both the annual winter Daks trip and the now traditional Spring Red River Gorge trip are sponsored by the HMC for Active Members. The amount of individual subsidy will vary from year to year dependent on the number of active members attending the trips, among other factors.

Writing Contest

The annual writing competition awards a $75 EMS gift card to the author of the best climbing essay or poem — fiction or non-fiction. Submissions should be less than 500 words and emailed to by March 31, 2015.

Photo Contest

The annual photo contest awards a $50 EMS gift card to the to the best mountaineering photo of the year. Submissions should be edited, printed out appr. 8″x10″, and brought to the HMC by March 31, 2015.



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