Rich Palatino and Marcia Steger. The Harvard Cabin caretakers for the 2016-2017 winter season will be strangers to only a few. Know suprise, Rich Palatino agreed to return for an 8th season as a caretaker following the mostly absent winter last year! If over the years you’ve grown tired of listening to Rich proclaim the value of the ski-approach, his disdain for 1st person POV climbing footage, horrific snoring, and the shirtless, post-holing, ka-Bar wielding winter hiker then you’re in luck!

Marcia is back for her 3rd season! After 4 winters she reconsidered the 4 hour Friday night drive to Pinkham Notch followed by late-night run-ins with the local fisher cat. With 10 years of experience in the biotech industry, She’s trading the grid-locked streets of Boston for unlimited trips up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail, all the public radio she could wish for, and a new pair of commuter skis. Not to worry, she’s a real pitch & placement climber with a rack to prove it…never mind those long planks and the weird boots.

On your way up to the cabin, you should check near-by bars and crags for any signs of Rich. After all his time on The Rock Pile he’s looking forward to the chance to enjoy some road-side ice and occasional lift-service without worrying about overdue climbers, protecting the wood supply, floaters in the water buckets, and worst of all: broken lantern mantles!

Harvard Cabin’s first husband and wife care-taking team will surely make your stay at the cabin enjoyable–entertaining at the least. You should be sure to make it up to the cabin this season and spend some time with the happy couple. The two of them can bring more warmth to the old cabin then a new wood stove ever could.