Harvard Cabin

Harvard Mountaineering Cabin. Photo – Dave Leonard


The Harvard Mountaineering Club Cabin is a winter public-use cabin located at the base of Huntington Ravine on Mt. Washington. Typical guests include ice climbers, backcountry skiers, and winter mountaineers who use the cabin as a base camp and take advantage of the superb alpine setting that Mt. Washington uniquely provides the Northeast.

Reservations and Rates

The cabin is open between December 1st and April 1st each year of operation and is maintained by a caretaker who is present most nights. Cost is $15/person/night to stay inside, with max occupancy of 16. Campsites accommodating up to 10 campers are available nearby for $10/person/night. Campers, unfortunately, may NOT use cabin facilities.   In lieu of reservations, visitors are encouraged to sign up in the Pinkham Notch pack room and to see how many people have headed up already.

View of Pinkham Notch, HMC Cabin, Mt. Washington Summit. Cabin is about 2 miles from the highway and the AMC Hut, in proximity to Huntington Ravine.

View of Pinkham Notch, HMC Cabin, Mt. Washington Summit. Cabin is about 2 miles from the highway and the AMC Hut, in proximity to Huntington Ravine.

Cabin Facilities

The cabin is heated with a woodstove (4-9pm), and has permanent propane cooking stoves. A caretaker is present, although he or she is often out during the day. Water from a stream nearby is not treated so use iodine or filter if you desire. The caretaker has a radio to make emergency calls and the weather forecast and avalanche conditions are posted by 8am each morning.

Location and Directions

When visiting the cabin, first stop by the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center and sign in at the cabin sign-up inside the AMC  “pack room”. You can find driving directions using the map below. Alternatively, Concord Coach has 4h Boston-Pinkham Notch line.

Once at Pinkham Notch and signed in, hike up the Tuckerman Ravine trail to the fire road and take the fire trail to the cabin. The cabin is roughly 2 miles from Pinkham. Please reference the map below:

Trails Pinkham Notch - Cabin - Mt. Washington Summit

Trails Pinkham Notch – Cabin – Mt. Washington Summit


Further info 

If you are interested in hearing about maintenance projects, caretaker hiring, and other cabin-related information on a less than monthly basis, sign up here. Cabin users, AMC folks, former caretakers, and any other interested parties are welcome. For cabin-related inquiries, please get in touch with this year’s HMC Cabin Liaison, Brianna K. Beswick (cabin [at] harvardmountaineering.org).

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