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Expedition Gear List:



Navigating and route-planning (Group)
1-2 pair binoculars George
2 altimeters Kelly, Lucas
2 GPS systems Loaned by: Brian Faughnan, John Noss
8 photocopies of Russian topo maps George
8 compasses
Shelter (Group)
3 four-season ABC tents HMC(2 four-man tents), Adilet (1 two-man tent)
lots of p-cord
3-4 tarps for ground, cooking, gear etc.
Base camp yurt ITMC
Base camp 3-season tents Lucas (2-man Kelty), Laura (2-man Walrus), Adilet via Laura (2-man)
ABC Kitchen (Group)
4 gas canister stoves Adilet (2), George (1), Lucas (1)
2-3 lanterns (candle or kerosene)
4 2-liter titanium pots for melting snow on route Adilet (2), Dave (1), Laura (1)
8 lighters
several packages of matches dispersed throughout other gear
Large "chicken" style water bags Lucas
1 liter of biodegradable liquid soap
5-6 small scrubbies
1-2 boxes of large, heavy duty garbage bags
1-2 boxes of medium-sized zip-lock bags
Technical Climbing Gear (Group)
rock rack Adilet
supplemental nuts and hexes for ice racks George, Dave
ice racks George, Lucas, Dave
6 jumars Bjarne(2), Dave(2), Adilet(2)
5 pulleys
tiblocs to supplement jumars for hauling/rescue George, Bjarne, Kelly
16 snow pickets HMC (11), Adilet (2), George (2), Dave (1)
7 flukes Bjarne (1), Adilet (2), HMC (4)
2 sets of 60m double ropes George's doubles, Bjarne's old doubles -> Lucas carries
4 single 60m ropes Adilet, George, Laura, Corey
Individual climbing gear
Daisy chains (optional)
4 locking biners
2 prusik cords
Pair of crampons with replacement parts/tools
Plastic mountaineering boots with extra laces Sponsored by Lowa Boots:
Super gaiters or gaiters
1 mountain axe
1 ice hammer per person
Approach-style rock climbing shoes
Homemade chest harness (for glacier travel)
Belay device
Small knife
Extra batteries
Hiking poles
Radios, extra batteries Bjarne, Kelly, Adilet, George, Lucas (2), Dave(2)
Individual eating (One per person)
2 widemouth 1-liter bottles per person)
bottle insulators
2-3 water pumps
6-7 bottles of polar pure or iodine
8 camelback-type hydration systems for acclimatization hikes in moderate temperatures (optional)
Personal clothing systems
2 sets of wicking base layers for lower and upper body
5 sets of socks with liner socks
1 pair mid weight synthetic or wool underpants
1 pair fleece insulating pants (optional)
2 pair mid weight synthetic or wool undershirt
1 fleece or wool sweater
1-2 insulating fleece and/or primaloft jacket
Goretex (or comparable) shell layer (pants and jacket)
Shoeller (softshell) shell layer (pants and jacket)
Down parka
I pair down booties (optional)
1 pair sneakers for camp
1 pair climbing boots
1 pair of approach style rock shoes (optional)
1-2 hats with ear coverings
1-2 neoprene or other face and neck coverings
1-2 pairs of gloves and/or mittens for climbing with liners
1 pair fleece or wool gloves for around camp
1-2 tee shirts (optional for bascamp and travel)
1-2 pairs of shorts (optional for basecamp and travel)
1-2 pairs of lightweight pants
Individual Sleeping
Sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees F (or colder)
2 sleeping pads
Pillow or pillowcase (to fill with clothes)
Ear plugs
1 bottle of sleeping pills for group
large duffle bags for luggage
Travel wallet
Travelers checks or cash with secure carrying system
Relaxing (Per person)
Crazy-creek chair
Book, journal, pens, cross-word puzzles, playing cards, mp3 player?
Waterproof sandals or sneakers
Safety & Emergency
base camp radio ITMC
1 large comprehensive medical kit Sponsored by Atwater-Carey:
3 smaller kits to go with individual climbing teams Sponsored by Atwater-Carey:
Personal Care Items
Sunglasses/glacier glasses/goggles
Sunscreen, lip balm
Soap, shampoo, conditioner
Nail clippers or scissors
Contact lenses & extra pairs
Prescription glasses as well if you wear contact lenses
Personal medications
Toilet paper
Pee bottle
Bjarne's D70
Laura's camera
1 Tripod
Videorecorder - Corey
Accessories, extra memory, dry cases
Repair kit
Tools for crampons
Thermarest repair kit
Sewing kit
Stove repair supplies
File for crampons
Duct tape
Extra headlamp
Extra Nalgene tops
Extra sunglasses
Extra MSR fuel pump
9 midsized packs for 1-2 day alpine ascents of peaks
Camera bags, etc.