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Harvard Mountaineering Club Borkoldoy Expedition 2005

Success! The Harvard Mountaineering Club celebrated its 80th Anniversary by undertaking an exploratory expedition to Kyrgyzstan. During most of the month of August, the team made nine first ascents of unnamed and unclimbed mountains in the Borkoldoy Range. This was the first American expedition to the region, and the results have been reported to the American Alpine Club and Kyrgyz Alpine Club.

Riding the GAZ 66 from Karasai - Bjarne Moon Holmes


We posted updates to this website via satellite phone during the trip. You can read them on our updates page. We appreciate the comments made by our readers, family, and friends during the expedition and would like to thank everyone involved for your moral support! Selected photos are below. A technical climbing report is available, as well. Corey Rennell has since produced an award-winning documentary film of the expedition, available at his website: coreyrennell.com.
Our valley from the northeast - Bjarne Moon Holmes

Stuck Truck - Bjarne Moon Holmes

Vtaly and Na-il Save Us - Bjarne Moon Holmes

Our Sheep - Laura Fox

Fleeting Freedom - Laura Fox

Chilling in Base Camp - Laura Fox

In the Mess Tent - Bjarne Moon Holmes

Advanced Base Camp - Bjarne Moon Holmes

Relaxing at ABC - Bjarne Moon Holmes

Dave Performs Field Surgery - Laura Fox

Peak of Theoretical Physics - Bjarne Moon Holmes

Peak Harvard - Bjarne Moon Holmes

The Harvard Circus - Bjarne Moon Holmes

Meta-documentation on Peak Adventure - Bjarne Moon Holmes

Peak Adventure - Bjarne Moon Holmes

George and Laura on Peak Omingmak - Bjarne Moon Holmes

Bjarne and Adilet Get Psyched for the Psychology Peaks - Kelly Faughnan

The Team - Laura Fox

Ice Cream and Beer - Laura Fox

Tossor Yurt Camp - Corey Rennell