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John Imbrie and Dennis Drayna, February 26

Ever wonder what multipitch WI 5+ in the ’70s was like?               . . . .   Come find out from those who did it first! John Imbrie and Dennis Drayna Thursday, February 26 at 8pm, Sever Hall 203, Harvard Yard, Free Admission               […]

Winter Skills Weekend 2015

What: We will be practicing winter snow and mountain skills very different from those covered on Intro Ice Trips. Here is a brief overview of the program: – Mt. Washington Via Lion Head + maybe some gully parties – Crampons and ice axe use + self arrest practice – snow anchors (pickets, flukes, bollards, deadmen) – […]

Ice Intro Trips: Jan 31 – Feb 1

What: Begginer-intermediate ice climbing day trips to nearby top-rope accessible areas with your HMC friends Check out here for a better idea of what this should look like. . Where: TBD, will vary by day and group!  . When: We will have day trips going out both Saturday and Sunday, Jan 31 and Fed 1. Expect […]

Pre-Dacks/Intro Ice

With last week’s cold spell the ice season has finally truly begun! We had a packed weekend trip! Four cars, including: Nicholas Joseph (College ’17), Ye Fu (Chemistry postdoc), Kilian Dahlem (HMS), Jonathan Scheff (HGSE), Theresa Cheng (HGSE), Bryan Nelson (HGSE), Clint Montague (MIT Sloan), Rajko Radovanovic (College ’17), made a two day trip. The first […]

Cabin Update – December 19, 2014

December 19, 2014 Seasons Greetings Mountaineers, Click to Enlarge Happy Friday! Despite a better then normal December on Mt. Washington, I’ll skip right to the chase. This weekend is going to be one of the highlights of the season! It was a beautiful day in the Mt. Washington Valley, however, things up high are only […]

Fall Intro Rock Trip: Red Rocks

We got out this weekend for an intro trip to Red Rocks, MA. We had a great time top-roping some fun climbs and we had some more experienced members get in a couple nice trad leads as well! Trip participants were Remi Yang, Erik Tamre, William Bloxham, Christine Tian, Nick Bobbs, Ivan Ivanov, Ali Monfre, […]

Cabin Update – March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014 Harvard Cabin Mountaineers, Hello everyone and Happy Spring! Good News…Winter is just getting started! Bad News…the final weekend of the 2013/14 Harvard Cabin season is on-tap! Thanks to everyone for another fantastic season! It’s hard to believe it’s over…again. The season seems so short…it feels like we just got here! Many thanks […]

Cabin Update – January 17, 2014

January 17, 2014 Harvard Cabin Mountaineers, Happy New Year and Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a great holiday season. Despite mid-week celebrations, New Years at the Harvard Cabin was as festive as usual. The cabin was full, the party was vibrant and everyone stayed safe and had a good time. It’s hard to believe […]

Cabin Update – April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014Harvard Cabin Mountaineers,The 2013/14 Harvard  Cabin season has come to a close. Once again, a lifetime of lighthearted and often hilarious memories crammed into a whirlwind four months! A great many thanks to all Harvard Cabin guests, friends, and regulars, The United States Forest Service Snow Rangers / The Mount Washington Avalanche Center, […]

Cathedral, November 2014

We had three cars head out to Cathedral this past weekend. In attendance were William Bloxham, Nicholas Joseph, William Spearman, David Migl, Daniel Bridgwater, Rishi Reddy, Erik Tamre, David Hu, Claire Stolz, Eugene Kwan, and Rajko Radovanovic. We split up into three groups: one went up Funhouse and Upper Refuse, another climbed at the North End, […]