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Pre-Dacks/Intro Ice

With last week’s cold spell the ice season has finally truly begun!

We had a packed weekend trip! Four cars, including: Nicholas Joseph (College ’17), Ye Fu (Chemistry postdoc), Kilian Dahlem (HMS), Jonathan Scheff (HGSE), Theresa Cheng (HGSE), Bryan Nelson (HGSE), Clint Montague (MIT Sloan), Rajko Radovanovic (College ’17), made a two day trip. The first day was spent at Frankenstein Cliff, where we met up with club friends Byron Gill and Sam and proceeded to climb some WI 2-3ish slabs east of the Hanging Garden. The slabs served as a great intro for some of the beginners on the trip as well as a great reminder and warm up session for those more experienced among us.

Saturday evening we stayed at the New Hampshire residence of Carl and Sandra Lehner. Carl and Sandra were active with the Harvard Mountaineering Club in the 70-s and 80-s. We greatly thank them for their tremendous hospitality!

On Sunday we all headed to Flume Gorge where we met with Christine Tian (HLS), Matt Krane (’15), Zebulon Levine (Phd candidate), and Stefano Belfiore (College ’16). We were pleasantly surprised to find good conditions and only two other pairs at the gorge. The river appeared frozen throughout however a larger portion of it quickly collapsed and we warned not to venture much past halfway through. We had lots of fun top roping some steeper and harder ice than the day before. Ye Fu also managed to pioneer some fun mixed combos and alternative to a couple routes in great style!