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Ice Intro Trips: Jan 31 – Feb 1

What: Begginer-intermediate ice climbing day trips to nearby top-rope accessible areas with your HMC friends
Check out here for a better idea of what this should look like.
Where: TBD, will vary by day and group!
When: We will have day trips going out both Saturday and Sunday, Jan 31 and Fed 1. Expect to head out early in the day, but we will aim to be back before dinner. Note, we will have another sign-up sheet for next weekend, but we will prioritize those who we weren’t able to accommodate this weekend!
Cost: The trip itself is free, all you need to contribute towards is gas costs (~$10).  You also might want to bring ~$10 for dinner, just in case we get back too late for HUDS.
Gear: The club lends out technical gear: crampons, ice tools, helmets and harnesses.  For other personal gear items, check out our “What to Pack” doc.
Intro Trip Meeting: The intro trip meeting will be held this Thursday, from 6:45-7:45pm in the HMC Club Room in Claverly Hall. Let us know if time does not work for you!
Steps to Attend:
1. Fill out the form below!
2. If you are not already a qualifying member of the HMC, download the necessary forms here and fill them out, don’t worry about dues if this is your first trip with us.
3. Check out the What to Pack list and let us know if you have any concerns or questions about gear. We will help where we can!
4. Attend the intro trip meeting on Thursday, 6:45-7:45pm, HMC Club Room inside Claverly Hall. This is mandatory; let us know if you can’t make it. Pick up gear, learn some basics, and bring forms if necessary.
5. If you want, stick around for our regular meeting 8:00-9:30pm, same place, to hear about adventures that were had ice climbing in the Adirondacks!
6. Order a bagged lunch from HUDS by clicking here.
7. Keep posted on Friday morning for logistical details (rides, meeting time/place, etc.)
Questions: Feel free to email Rajko Radovanovic at rradovanovic@college.harvard.edu or shoot a text at 617-877-1471.

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